Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreamin' of a Fab Kitchen

In my latest fantasy session, I remodeled my kitchen. Not specifically the kitchen in my current home,  my kitchen in who-knows how many years in who-knows what house. I love, love collecting Coca-cola memorabilia, but I don't envision the typical red & chrome retro bistro set or checkerboard floors that pops into your head when you say "Coca-Cola Kitchen". While I tend to love almost every decorating style I come across, I feel more drawn to relaxing beach house style with neutral textures and sea glass colors.

I think it's an absolute must have to a house-wide color scheme. Which means I have to work with my  two loves: Coca-cola (red, black, white) and denim couch (yet to be attained). So I could go with Red, Blue & Yellow-->all primaries, would need to have a heavy use of white as well to keep it from looking like a kindergarten classroom. And the Coca-cola black could be used throughout in wrought iron furniture accents. I am having trouble picturing any other type of wood besides knotty pine with this imaginary house. I really love knotty pine, but I will need some more variety than that. Feeling pretty stumped, I went my kitchen cabinet and pulled out one of my thousands of Coca-cola glasses for a refreshing.... (wait for it..!!).......Coke! :) And wouldja get a load of what I saw!

Perfect!! Red & turquoise!! Duh! I have been seeing this all over the place as a great color combo for weddings. And then I found this: Vida by Espana Dinnerware and it is IT! Like THE inspiration piece for the entire future Casa Chamberlain! Is this not gorgeously perfect?!

Brown= fantastic wood tones (the hubs has a thing for walnut & cherry wood)
Splash of red= the Coca-cola nod
Yellow= who doesn't like yellow?!
Turquoise, blue & green= seaglass colors!

All against a fabulous ivory. So now that we have a plan here's the beginnings of my fantasy kitchen.

Cherry Wood Cabinets--not sure which cabinet style yet (shaker?), but a few will defiantely need glass fronts to keep the kitchen from feeling too dark.

Really love quartz out of the all of the countertop options, seems to be the most durable and require the least maintenance.

And I really adore subway tiles, so this seaglass inspired version is a must! Notice the splash of red on the seafood sign :)

So obivously there's way to more to a kitchen than I got into here, but I feel totally relieved that I got this part planned. I will sleep soundly tonight knowing I have a foolproof color scheme for my eventual kitchen and home. You think I'm joking, but I'm not.....