Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a B-O-Y!

Our family addition is a boy!! Out-numbered again :)

I am thinking of going bold for the nursery. Bold blue, red and some green. Baby blues just aren't grabbing me. Diving head first in registry research now and trying to keep things simple. There are literally gadgets for everything you think of. Call me a mean mom but I just cannot justify a wipe warmer...

Hopefully I am not eating my words on that one!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY: Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub

The saga of sugar scrubs continues. Luckily my mom asks me every year if she is getting more of it, so it's safe to say she isn't sick of getting receiving it for Mother's Day! Although last year I did change it up for body  butter...Anyways this year I was in the mood for a real 'wake-me-up' concoction. Again, the amounts of ingredients are all pretty much eye-balled & done by smell!

Gather & combine: granulated sugar, fresh coffee grounds, vanilla extract & oil.

I wasn't particularily thrilled with the muddy color it took on (one ratio I tried to stick to is 1:3 part coffee to sugar). But it smelled & scrubbed fantasticly so I'm still calling this one a winner!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A 9-Part Photo Project

As most of you are already aware--Cody & I are growing our little family! I can't decide if we are two becoming three or four becoming five. Either way, the countdown is on for October 8th!

We are four months into what I'm affectionately calling an alien invasion (I swear I don't even recognize myself with the mood, enegry level & taste bud changes!). I am so happy to have Katy helping me document my growing baby belly!

I am not sure how consistently I will be around here posting, but I still want to keep this blog going! My usual desire to keep my hands busy with creating & cooking & whatever other project I can find has been replaced with a new found love for naps! Hope ya'll don't mind if I get a little baby crazy over here, being a mother is a path I have always desired. So much of this site will likely focus on little ones for a bit while I get it out of my system--I am going to be a mommy!!!