Thursday, February 2, 2017

Marching on in 2017!

Well, we are marching along here on the home front. Recently we had our roof replaced and new gutters! It was loud, messy and I'm so glad its done! The contractor barely squeezed it in between storms. It was awfully nice to let somebody else come in with a crew and just handle the job too. On the inside of our home we replaced our avocado kaleidoscope linoleum with a fresh, clean version. This was the first thing I wanted to change when we bought this place four years ago! But indecision over tile or hardwood floor kept us in limbo. So another piece of linoleum it is! Maybe one day we will make up our minds, but at least I don't have the green monster staring at me anymore.

Items in the works are tiling our fireplace, painting the front door and adding some butcher block counters in the kitchen. Our fireplace had brick veneer tiles and I'm excited for a fresh new look. Cody went all Hulk-mode on chipping off the old tile so we can have a border of smooth surface encasing the tile! Love this man.

I also reached my lofty goal of painting our four dining chairs by end of 2016. Slowly but surely! I already wish I had painted them camouflage given our main diet of peanut butter and graham crackers but oh well. Still debating over how I want to make over the table. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2017!

So we're off to a great start here, additionally Luke is mostly potty trained and Bryce is talking! Working out lots of kinks on both those milestones but step by step we are becoming a somewhat civilized household!