Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Red Wagon Baby Shower

Last weekend my parents hosted our baby shower for Luke. My mom, friends & aunties all echoed my favoritism to big bold boy colors and threw a Little Red Wagon themed party! It was totally perfect and I have to share everything they worked so hard on--so get ready for a picture overload today!

The shower was held in the afternoon, perfect timing for light snacks, lemonade & dessert. My sweet cousin Haley made 'cake pops' using donut holes, we had 'dirt' pudding in a table-top red wagon (complete with worms and shovel to serve!). Lot's of blue candy was scattered on each table & the favors were chocolate chip cookies (tied with ribbon left over from our wedding favors!) and cardboard box 'wagons' with chocolates inside. My mom also spruced up the fireplace mantle with a clothesline of all-american boy clothes: plaid button ups, blue jeans & a cowboy hat! A pocket sized Curious George wooden car and a large red "L" was the cherry on top! For games, Ashley gathered up victims for a pregnant version of twister (tape a pillow to your midsection and see how well you do!) and guests filled out the sweetest wishes for Luke to read when he's older. 


The invites were purchased through DressUpMyParty on Etsy and they turned out just as I had imagined!

Red Wagon Baby Shower invite/thank you note combo-print your own

And now for all those thank you notes I need to write....!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seventh Month Bump & How Dogs Have Prepped Me for Motherhood

All caught up now on pregnancy bump (all though it's quite a bit larger than a 'just a bump' now!) photos! 

Here is month seven!

Even though this photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago, I feel like I look so much smaller here! I am convinced my little mister is growing by the hour. This weekend is my much anticipated weekend of baby centered shower on Saturday and maternity photos with Cody on Sunday! 

A few weeks ago Cody and I were talking about the seemingly very common train of events to familyhood: get married, get a dog(s) and then graduate to kids. It sounds kind of silly, because raising dogs is obviously very different than raising a human (Cody was quick to point out that our infant can't be left in the backyard so we can have our Friday night date at Chili's!). But we came up with a list and I thought I would share it!

 How dogs have prepared us for kids:

  • They need to be fed on a regular basis.
  • They need to be potty trained.
  • They put everything in their mouths out of plain curiosity. 
  • They make messes & need to be cleaned up after. (Nose prints on the windows, muddy paws..)
  • Give them their own toys so your things don't become chewables. 
  • Socialization helps them learn how to interact with their peers.
  • They whine and whimper when they are sad or want attention. (Our dogs in particular have some serious vocal range!)
  • They just want to play. Like all the time.
  • They have trouble transitioning from play time to quiet time.
  • They need a balance of love & discipline.
  • They need treats & cuddles to reinforce good behavior.
  • They have natural fears and individual personalities which may require different training methods.

Have anything to add??