Thursday, July 25, 2013


Terribly behind on posting these baby bump photos, but oh my goodness all I want to do is sleep these days!  This little guy is definitely growing and taking everything from me! But I guess with Daddy being 6'4" in height, should I expect any less?

Month 5
(And a nod to the little man!)

Month 6
(I've been told I have officially "popped"!)

And now I am coming up on needing the seventh month update! I am currently 29 weeks, although I was measuring 28 weeks along at my last appointment (3 weeks ago!). So at my next appointment we will measure again and see if the little guy is likely to make his entrance in September instead!

Cody has finished closing up the walls in the baby's room too. The new double pane window and insulated walls has made an immediate impact! Now its texturing the new sheetock and I need to re-visit my paint color choice. Now that the walls are closed up its much easier for me to envision the room as a finished product and I'm worried my original beige choice will be a bit dark in there.

So there you have it! And now its time for a nap...