Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cake-Cookie Easter Experiment

I have been wanting to work on my baking skills more lately. Since Cody loves soft sugar cookies, I figured that would be a good place to start! My idea was to use an egg shaped baking dish for egg shaped soft sugar cookies. I used this recipe ( --followed it to a T!) and with some baking tweaks-- I guess they turned out ok?

First, I wasn't prepared for the dough to rise so dramatically! The 'cookies' doubled in size during baking. This doesn't reconcile with my baking experience, but then again I wouldn't label myself a baker!  So with Cody's help trouble-shooting assistance, a well placed baking dish guaranteed a flat bottomed egg shaped baked treat. The texture of the cookies were more like a moist mini cake. Cody promised me they still tasted good, so they got to live on for a heavy coat of frosting on Easter Sunday!

They certainly weren't the prettiest thing I've made, but I can't be to hard on myself since there were many compliments received on the flavor!