Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, you can be a photographer!

Got a new camera recently and got to test it out at Alcatraz! Certainly an inspiring place on many levels. Here's some of the shots I took, I'm going to get these printed on canvas to get a real textured look.

These were rusted storage doors along the harbor  where we got onto the ferry. I love the rich and distressed colors!

Below is a wall heating unit, again should look pretty cool on canvas!

Cement wall, with some brick and rock mixed in. I love that pop of red brick showing through!

And some more brick :) Amazing color variety from the aging of these buildings!

How fun to have a photo like this propped in a bookcase!

Curiously-creepy hallway, definately makes you wonder who else has wandered here...

Not sure what it is about this pic, but I just really like it! I actually meant to take it in color, but I haven't yet mastered quickly changing my camera settings yet! One of those accidents you're glad you made :)

So I'm sure you can see I am no way an experienced or techie photographer...I just take pictures of what's interesting!  I'm a big fan of textures in home decor, food and clothing, so I was just lookin for some of that variety on my trip to Alcatraz.  For all my photos I always use SnapFish ( for minor editing and printing. They've got lots of fun ideas for photo-gifts. Oh and don't forget fellow Coca-Cola lovers--use your My Coke Rewards points for free prints!

If you don't yet have an account, buy some Coca-Cola products and save the cap/box code to set up an account at . I was able to use my points for photo christmas cards too! There are tons of items to use your points for: magazine subscriptions, Coca-Cola gear, various coupons...Definately a great way to get those little extras--check it out!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Good friends and good food,
The beach,
Vintage jewelry,
Country music,
and Another  (wo)mans trash!

These are a few of the sources for my inspirations, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and findings with you all! :)