Monday, August 11, 2014

Roadside Yard Art & a Planter

On my neighborhood walks, I passed this abandoned cardboard box over a couple of days. It felt safe that nobody cared for the spilled contents, so I took the liberty of picking up this rusted out light fixture.

After a good scrubbing with warm soapy water, I primed (Rust Tough Enamel Spray) and painted it up. I have a decent collection of sample paints, so one of those became my finish coat (Dynasty Celadon by Behr).

I may repaint it a darker color, or roughen it up with some sandpaper, but for now its a nice addition to our fence decor. 

A few months ago, Cody and I (well mostly Cody!) added a planter to the side of our backyard. We picked a variety of drought tolerant flowers since this area is mostly full-sun. So far, I haven't killed them off! Garden confidence is definitely building over here. The hearts are from the flea market, a vendor made these with wine barrel strappings. I may paint them, I may not. Decisions, decisions..

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