Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Patience, Iago

You all remember Iago the parrot in Aladdin, right? For some reason whenever I tell myself to be patient, I visualize that parrot. Well, we've had three days off from the rain, and seeing the sunshine again makes me crave summer BBQs. I picked 20 of these cute re-usable fish shaped plates from Michaels for 50 cents each! (And this doesn't count towards my $20 per month clothing/accessory limit!!)

And I found some fun pieces to along with these patriotic colors at World Market. Can't quite call them mine........yet. But they would look quite nice all together!

Red Ceramic Barrel Dispenser | World Market
Ceramic Beverage Dispenser 

Burger Baskets, Set of 6 | World Market

Basket Liners, 24-Count | World Market
Burger Baskets & Checkered Liners

All I need now is the food. And the yard. A house would be nice too. A tan. And a bit higher temperature. 

Patience, Iago.

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