Monday, April 2, 2012

Not Quite Right

This blanket is just not quite working out the way I hoped...

See how its all bunchy in the middle? Totally buggin me that this doesn't lay flat. I'm thinking its because my stitches in the middle  are much more loose then the borders around it. But now if I undo the whole thing and start over, my colors won't line up right...In a pickle. I'm thinking about trying to tighten up that middle sqare some-how, a little tug here and there? I've been trying to stretch out my borders, but I think the fact that those stitches are going in the opposite direction is working against me too. Bummers. Now what?!  Anyone experienced this?


  1. I just posted this link to my SIL's page, she's a crochet master, and this is what she wrote: "Well it seems she already knows what the problem is and the solution. There isn't really much she could do without restitching it but she could try some blocking but it seems the difference would probably be too much for that. I would probably just start over and use that for something else like a bag or something."

    Or you could always keep going and have a totally customized blanket going. Word. You have my respect either way as I have no idea how to even crochet.

  2. Thank you!!! I think I'm going to keep it going like you said and just see what happens...Undoing it all would just be sort of depressing, especially since I did that with my first two colors a few times!! Maybe I will turn it into a giant floor pillow? :)