Friday, July 20, 2012

Quickie Update

So we're still waiting on establishing a fully functioning, reliable internet connection at our new casa, hence the near silence on this here blog...But courtesy of my phone, here are some updates!

An avocado fell from our tree! Tanner got to the first one before we got home, guess that was his payback for leaving him all alone in a strange backyard. But luckily another dropped a few days later and I beat him to it. I let it sit with a banana (supposed to help) for a few days so it could soften up. And within 2 days it felt soft, but tasted completely dry. Definitely a disappointment. Thankfully I found another on the ground yesterday so we'll give that one a try next. Our neighbors assured us our tree produces really good avocados and the previous owners would leave bags on their porches (a hint, perhaps?!) so I still have faith. 

Annnnd we got a new stove!! The old one had a broken microwave, unsteady stove-top heating and I never worked up the courage to test the oven due to the above mentioned issues. So we trekked on down to Sears' (pronounced Sear-es in honor of my grandmother!) and got a brand spankin' new one for $500ish. We are sticking with electric, I've never cooked on a gas stove and I know everyone raves about it. But this was a quick fix and maybe down the road I will make the switch. Plus we would have had to run a new gas line. 

This picture makes me laugh, my dad who is usually such a go-getter and thinks he is still 20 is standing here with his hands in his pockets while the young guys (Cody & our vacation angel--Kyle) muscle the stove out of the truck and into the house. Yep, we've already had overnight guests! Our vacation angels from our motor blow out in Arizona last year finally squeezed in a trip to Cali! Just in time for us to begin returning their help by giving them a place to stay. We had a total blast with them and they were super laid back about our house being in disarray with boxes and take-out meals!!!

I know I have a picture of the old stove here someplace, when I find it I will add it in! I am also struggling to decide what sort of mood/theme/color direction to go in. So far I purchased this painting from Ross for $19.99 and these 4 fat quarters for $2.75/each. We shall see if they make the cut....

Fingers crossed for a stable internet connection this weekend, I have LOTS of pictures to share!

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