Thursday, June 20, 2013

Easiest Ever DIY Baby Blanket

Finished Luke's blanket last night and I am so excited about it! This triple crochet idea is the easiest thing ever. Well, to be honest my creation still didn't have perfect edges but I was able to crochet a border for camoflauge :)

I went a bit larger than the tutorial, I believe I stopped at 70 stitches for the first row and I used an "S" size crochet hook. The border is just two chain stitches looping back into the blanket every other row. And I went around the blanket in that fashion twice. The project took a little less than two skeins of three colors to complete. I am super excited about how soft and squishy it is though! It will certainly double as a tummy time mat for our little dude.

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