Monday, September 23, 2013

Best Ever Pregnancy Safe "Cocktail" : (Not So) Dark and Stormy

There's a handful of us currently pregnant in my circle of friends right now. To celebrate, we threw a quickie "Cocktail" (Mocktail!) Night together and gabbed for hours on all the glories of pregnancy. It was really a lot of fun to just talk preggo talk, you know cravings, how we broke the news, choosing a name, clothing troubles, etc. 

Throughout being pregnant, especially on hot summer days, I've experimented here and there with mocktails. Usually just adding some fresh ingredients to tonic or Sprite (typically lemon slices, maybe lime or cilantro sprigs), just to give a little variety to the gallons of water I'm downing daily. 

But thanks to Ashley, I've found IT. The best ever mocktail ever. Ever, ever. 

It's called the (Not So) Dark & Stormy. Gather ginger ale, molasses, fresh lime juice & lime wedges for garnish. The original recipe (and a lot of others too!) can be found here.

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