Tuesday, October 15, 2013

9 Month Bump--Taken Just in Time!

My final bump photo. Little did I know we'd be making a midnight run for the hospital later this same day! 

Our not-so-little man (thankfully) made his grand entrance into our lives a little over 24 hours from these photos. I credit spicy pizza (no not the infamous 'prego pizza') and a little something called letting go and giving God control. I went to bed extremely frustrated that I'd had ZERO contractions after two days of having lots of in-consistent ones. I fell asleep repeating "God is in control, He knows Luke's birthday and birth story--you are just along for the ride on this one." I had fallen asleep for no more than thirty minutes when I found myself leaping out of bed to avoid getting 'water' on my freshly washed sheets!

And the rest of that story is to be continued with photos of the babe!

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