Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Room Revival!


Its no secret that our sectional had done its time (and then some). We had gotten to the point of stuffing beach towels in the cushions and I usually preferred to sit on the floor. But couches are expensive! We have been hunting for a while, as we just don't have the ability to throw down a couple thousand (or even one thousand) dollars on furniture. I've been visiting lots of 'Closing Forever' furniture store sales and researching other budgeted options. After scouring Craigslist for weeks if not months, hundreds of inquiry emails and a handful of hiccups along the way...we finally found a set. A really nice set. For $275! A really sweet woman had these in storage, hardly used. She just needed them gone. I fired off an email, without much hope. And after a couple exchanges, they became ours!

I knew couches would be a great upgrade, but WOW. I can't get over how much more cozy and pulled together my family room is looking right now! I still need to paint, figure out lighting and a few other laundry list items. But those are all little things that I can confidently pursue now that the big elephant in the room is taken care of!

Since they had been in storage, the couches needed a good cleaning. I researched what to do with microfiber, even though we had microfiber before, I was nervous to ruin my amazing furniture find. I found this link to be especially helpful!! I washed the cushion covers with Woolite, cold water and on gentle cycle. A brief low heat tumble dry (about 10 minutes) and let them hang dry overnight. No shrinkage! The rest of the couch was vacuumed and sprayed/scrubbed down with rubbing alcohol & a white rag. 

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