Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hanging Planter DIY

I'm currently on a serious yard sprucing kick. All I want is flowers, flowers, flowers! I picked up a strainer (food cover?) at the thrift store last week for $0.60 and knew it would be the perfect hanging planter. I think it may actually be a food cover because there was a ring on the top. But its made of sturdy wire mesh like that of a strainer. Dual triple  purpose. 

From here I gathered:
Burlap, two squares cut a few inches larger than the rim of the bowl (good thing I have a stash!)
Chain link ($0.63/foot at Home Depot!)
Flowers ($2.70/6pack)

I wasn't sure if the burlap was going to do the job of being a proper liner, but so far its working great! Cody held the bowl up at different levels to determine how long to cut the chain (I went way overboard and bought 8ft!). Using needle-nose pliers, we made three equal length chains and spaced them out around the rim of the bowl. The ring that was a handle on the outer top of the bowl became the connector for all three chains. One eyehook screwed into our porch beam holds the entire thing!

I planted impatients becuase it will always be in the shade. For $8.34 I have a cheery little splash of color on the porch, I can see it from our dining table too! I could have chopped that price in half if I had measured how much chain I actually needed beforehand too. But honestly I hope to find another similar piece to hang and then it'll all be justified!


  1. You are pretty much amazing at DIY projects. I love reading your blog and love your thrift finds!