Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fabric Edged Flannel Blanket

Its been blanket crazy over here lately. Get ready for a few fabric banana posts! The first one I'll share is Luke's first camping blanket. Emily & I spent a day touring her city-wide garage sale day. We stumbled upon a lady selling flannel for $3/yard in every print imaginable! I scooped up a yard (she cut sweetly cut a generous yard) because I loved the print and could justify it with making something for Luke. Originally, I thought I would add a satin edge to it, but I saw this green chevron in the bargain bin and that was that. Its a perfect match!

I took the long route in making the fabric binding, cutting strips of 6" width and ironing over the raw edges. And then again ironing a crease down the center of each strip. I saw the fold-over technique on several sites, but I'm really happy with my chunky border instead! Maybe next time though..

It has its fair share of imperfections and extra seams where I didn't quite stay within my seam allowance lines, but thankfully I have a really fabulous little supporter who will love it anyhow!

Isn't this print just the best ever?? Can't wait for snuggly, family fireside nights wrapped in this!

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