Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lucille's Shabby Chic Baby Quilt

Continuing my blanket making spree, I sewed this quilt for Katy's soon to be baby girl! She's going all pink, all girly-girl for the nursery. It was especially fun to live through her vision! The finished quilt size is approximately 50" x 52", quite a bit larger than crib size. The front and back don't necessarily coordinate perfectly, but a girl's got to have options you know!

The front started with two fat quarters cut in half, hot-dog style once. From there I cut six more fat quarters in half, hot dog style, and then in half once more. The gray border was cut in the same fashion out of fat quarters. Instead of trimming down batting to fit, I purchased two yards of the 'cheater quilt' fabric for the backing and lined the inside of the quilt with two layers of light pink fabric. The pinks on the front of the quilt are very light, so I was hoping a pink liner would help to enhance it all. 

Two yards of pink polka dot fabric gave me plenty to trim out the backing and fold over for the binding. I also had plenty of extra backing fabric and used this tutorial to make a matching envelope pillow. And now we just patiently (or not!) wait for baby!!!

Below is a approximate supply list. I still over-buy and over-measure so I can trim down at the end instead of being a 1/2" short somewhere! But if you are a more experienced seamstress, I'm sure you could trim down the fabric supply list to be more efficient. One day...!

Fat Quarters:
2 pink with white roses (the largest front rectangles)
1 plain pink
1 pink heart
1.5 white
3 gray
2 yards pre-quilted backing (needed a 48x48 piece)
2 yards pink polka dot (cut into 4-7x56 strips)

One more quick thought: the pre-quilted fabric is double-sided, so just adding binding to that would be a fun and easy blanket as well!

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