Thursday, January 22, 2015

Luke's Monthday Photo Wrap-Up

Last time around I shared Luke's first six months of 'Monthday' Photos, here are the photos from seven months to twelve! It definitely got trickier during this last half, the more mobile and curious he became the bigger the challenge. Really, really happy I did it though, so fun to look back at all twelve snapshots!

On his first birthday Luke weighed 25 lbs and 7 oz, and was 2' 8" tall. He also had six teeth (four on top, two on the bottom).

  And as I am (finally) writing this, Luke is nearly 16 months old, getting his second molar (with two more ready on the sidelines) and a busy-busy-busy, hyper and fearless little man! He is learning so much everyday and its really exciting to communicate more with him. He goes to his booster chair when its time to eat, helps throw his toys into the water at bath time, grabs his own shirt for the day when getting dressed, and scrambles to get out the door when he has his shoes on! He loves the outdoors, we get out to the park and take walks as much as possible.

Soon after his first birthday, the two year old attitude set in. Ugh. I thought I had more time!! Our days include time outs (and reconciling) and I think/hope we are making progress?!

Luke also picks out and brings books to me when he wants to read. He can say dog, dada, that, yeah, no, ow and almost uh-oh and waves bye-bye. He's starting the 't' sound and makes the 's' sound when I ask him what the snake says. He will also grab his toes and head when asked, or when singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes'. Re-arranging my shoes in the closet is a favorite activity, as well as 'sweeping' the floor with my clean laundry--although he totally loves sweeping with the broom too! He still wakes up singing in the morning which I absolutely adore!

All in all, our days are very full and exciting and when 'we' aren't teething, everyone sleeps great at night. Cody and I are both loving it all. He's full of adventure, determination and goofiness. We know he'll be a great big brother!

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