Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monthday Pictures

Now that Luke has reached the six month mark, I thought it was perfect timing to share his monthly photos. I have been taking his photo against a blanket backdrop every month on the 28th (or rug, see November!). The chalkboard is a picture frame with the glass painted over with chalkboard paint. I usually take these photos first thing in the morning since he wakes up so super happy. I sing a lot to keep his attention, and we're usually done within just a couple of minutes. Some months are more themed but I love seeing how much he's grown already!







Many of you have probably already seen these photos on Facebook & Instagram (tawnweya, if you want to follow me there!) but since this blog is also a journal of our life, here you go again! And just for fun, a list of Luke Stats:

Weight (as of 2/28): 18 lbs, 3 oz
Height (as of 2/28): 28" We have another appointment Friday so we'll see how his 'off the charts' height saga continues!
Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: When we started doing more food/cereal his sleeping through the night stopped. Trying to alter our eating throughout the day routine to fix that! He gets a bit of cereal in each bottle too. But he is usually ready for bed between 6 and 7 pm and then up for the day between 6 and 7 am. He'll wake up hungry once between 1 and 4 am. He definitely squirms and slightly wakes up other times throughout the night, but puts himself back to sleep without much noise. When its a hunger call, his cry is loud & keeps escalating til I get there and then slams that bottle down like nobodies business and its back to sleep right away. His best nap is in the morning about one hour after waking up and will last for an average of two hours. Then its shorter naps every few hours, usually about three rounds of this til bedtime.
Teeth: A definite bump on the center of his lower gums. We've had teething pain that lasts only a day here and there. They're taking their time and I get to enjoy a gummy smile for a little while longer!
Movement: Inchworm Master, also a fair amount of planking. Spins around like the hands on a clock and belly slides backward. Gets his knees up without his hands and vice a versa. But he's very happy and proud of himself--and we are too!
Sitting: Hasn't gotten into position on his own, but will sit pretty reliably once set up. He also does a controlled, slow fall (or maybe its a roll?) to get to his tummy when he wants.
Eating: Pureed Apples, Banana, Pear, Prunes, Carrots, Sqaush, Peas, Potato (all mixed with cereal, he's not into heavy flavors yet and likes vegetables more than fruit!)
Vocals: Been singing, squealing, laughing, gurgling, yelling, snorting, tongue clicking, lip smacking for a while now. Found his voice and likes it!
Clothes: 9 months across the board. Getting ready to pull out the 9-12 month stash too. He also really likes just being in his diaper only. Even just taking off his socks is instant joy!
Favorite activities: Chewing on everything, bath time, tummy time, jumpy seat, and just being outside. I've also been doing some sensory exposure: toes & hands in grass or a bowl of uncooked/dry rice and kidney beans. The latter has been hit & miss, some days he loves running his hands through it and other days he gets freaked out. So we're just following his cues on exposure time. He's also Cody's biggest fan when he plays the guitar. Its been helpful for both calming him down at bedtime and also in pushing through a grumpy hour.
Favorite Books: He never complains about being read to, but any book with rhythm is a winner. Cody's grandmother gave us a copy of poetry called 'When we Were Very Young' by A.A. Milne, and its perfect! I also read the book of Psalms to him.
Favorite Toys: He's pretty satisfied to chew on a burp rag honestly. But he also loves gel teething toys, seeing his reflection, crunchy-crinkle books, musical toys and recently discovered stuffed animals (AKA a stuffed burp rag!).

And that's our life in a nutshell! 

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