Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Its a crazy, beautiful life!

Wanted to squeeze in one more little blurb to round out the year here! Life as a family of four is way more exciting, tiring, phenomenal, exhausting, mind-blowing and dizzying than I anticipated. I mean I knew my world would be turned upside down, because thats what out of this world blessings do to you. But wow. Wow. WOW. Everyday is like a crazy roller coaster. And often all through the night too. But I really, honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. Watching these boys (and their daddy) love on and goof around with each other fuels me through the life lessons being taught (and learned). 

I had about 45 million other photos and stories and one-liners and crazy moments to share (and record for future embarrassing stories) but right now they're all escaping me and I'm just relieved that for however long it lasts, both these kiddos are sleeping soundly! Maybe this next year I'll at least start journaling in one of the three irresistibly cute ones I've purchased. Maybe not. These days are often a blur and Instagram and Facebook are just way too convenient of alternatives. 

Closing out this year recognizing that I don't really know what I am doing, but with my husband by my side and Jesus molding my heart, I can be grounded in the moment at hand. Just when I think I've failed and cannot recover, I'm given a reassurance of love and I'm so grateful for this love my family has for me. I have them all hopelessly fooled that I'm superhuman. Well actually, Cody just reminded me tonight that I'm human and that means I make mistakes when I cried over clothes that I ruined in the dryer. Nevertheless, I'm equal parts excited and nervous for the coming year and the adventures ahead!!

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