Monday, April 4, 2016

Heart Full & Hands Full

As a parent you get asked all kinds of questions on a regular basis. Especially if you want more kids and in our case, if we want to try for a girl. I usually (jokingly?) reply that I might not survive another child. I realize that I am not the first person to have two kids and a huge part of our population actually has more than two kids--and I am thoroughly impressed with you. Cody and I were both sure we wanted more than two originally but now we are just so in love (and tired) with our two. We agreed to not make a definite decision until Bryce turns two. Having this decision on hold has been really freeing for us, instead of playing the what-if game on square footage and seat-belts we are just absorbing the beauty in our hands right now. Its really a refreshing thing. When Luke was a baby we dreamed of future siblings for him. Since Bryce has joined us, our puzzle feels complete. Our hearts are full and our hands are full. 

A few weeks (maybe months actually..) I was curious if I was really as busy as I felt I was. So I started jotting down my 'day in the life'...

5:30AM- Mumble "I love you, be safe, bye" to Cody as he leaves for work
6AM- Luke is at my bedside staring me down to see any clue of wakefulness. Climbs into bed and snuggles like a fish out of water. 
6:10- Snuggle time complete (thankfully no black eyes) and the running of the hall has begun since Bryce is babbling. Luke makes sure to relay the messages ("Mom seeping" & "Byce wake up")
6:30- Diaper changes and morning milk. Fumble through making toast. Drink room temperature coffee while reading books, hot wheeling and cushioning falls. 
7:30- Bryce is cranky. Luke wants to scale the walls. 
8AM- Party in the bathroom while I try to put my face on. It starts to rain.
8:30- Loaded into the car. Not sure where we are going but Luke is crazy hyper and Bryce wants to sleep. Not a good combo for a our cozy space on a rainy day.
9:10AM- Wind up at Chick-fil-A for coffee. Stumble through the door and greeted by happy families in unwrinkled clothes.  
9:45AM- Kids have been enjoying themselves and I got to drink some (hot) coffee. Feeling like I've done something right until Luke poops and I realize I forgot the wipes. Considered using the purel hand wipes because things were just beginning to go so well. 
10:10- Strapped in and loaded into the car heading home. Bryce falls alseep in the car seat and I successfully transfer him to the crib without waking him. So awesome! Decide to throw Luke into the shower instead of using 40 wipes to clean him.
11AM- Its still raining. Set up play tent and crawl tubing so its like Chick-fil-A came to us. Sorta. 

After this was getting Luke down for a nap then Bryce waking up and more juggling and I stopped writing things down because I'm sure you can imagine. It was more an experiment for myself anyhow. There's the whole "stop the glorification of busy" but I guess that doesn't apply to moms. Well maybe in some circumstances but I did want to see if I am as busy as I feel. The answer is definitely yes. Hands full and hearts full. 

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