Friday, March 30, 2012

Dog & Domestic Distractions

I've gotten just a smidge off track this week...partially due to this little guy.

His name is Bo (Bodie/Bolt). My parents and brothers adopted him this past weekend. And obviously struggled with which name (Bodie or Bolt) so he became Bo. Since he's only six months old, he picked up on his new name real quick! Love this boy to pieces already!

And in other news....Cody and I received our pre-approval letter for buying our own house! So I've been spending most of my spare time searching for homes and trying to not get frustrated with competitive Silicon Valley. We just want our own little place, thats structurally sound. Other than that it could be the ugliest thing you ever did see. I've got my painting clothes ready. Just let me run wild--pretty please with a cherry on top!


  1. Woah, that's exciting news about buying!

  2. I'm teetering between excitement & anxiety :)