Monday, November 26, 2012

Ins & Outs

Holiday season is in full swing and winter (fall for the rest of the country's standards) has arrived! We're getting lots of rain so far and thanks to that we have discovered a few long lost patches of grass in our backyard. Tanner and Brandi are enjoying the mud and nightly fireplace slumbering. Its really funny to see their two distinct personalities. I'm not sure why, but Tanner is terrified of fires. He's warmed up to the idea since we have been making them every night, he hides in his safe spot between the couch and ottoman. Brandi can't get enough of the fire. She is front and center absorbing all the heat she can get. 

Made my first lasagna a few weeks ago. I make pasta all the time, but lasagna usually sounds like too much effort on a work night. Love those no-boil noodles!

We met up with my parents on Friday to cut down a Christmas tree at Castle Rock Ranch off Highway 9. Love their trees! I like to have the tree up for every bit of the season, and we haven't had dry, dead tree issues with this ranch. We also use a bit of miracle grow in the tree water just to be safe!

In addition to Christmafying the house, I worked in some 'Black Friday' shopping on Saturday at the Hope store (50%!!!!). 

More to come on that and our Christmas decor! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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