Friday, November 16, 2012

Scalloped Potatoes

Thanksgiving is 6 days away! What are you making?! Are you hosting? I was going to host, but then I totally chickened out. Seat & serve 20 people? Oh and then there's the teensy weensy important factor that we don't have a dishwasher. I was really excited to host since now we have our own place, but I just over-thought the whole thing (because that's one of my special skills) and now one of my aunts is hosting instead. Thanks Aunt Suzanne! 

I think I am going to bring the stuffing recipe I made last year (since we were with Cody's family--it wont be a repeat for my family!), but I thought I would share this scalloped potato recipe that I made a while back since it fits with the typical Thanksgiving meal. I found the original recipe here, but mainly used it for the general how-to on scalloped potatoes. For example, I used shredded parmesan, mozzarella and a 4-cheese italian blend instead of the cheeses listed. Which now that I think about it probably means I doubled up on the parmesan and mozzarella quantities. And I forgot to buy heavy cream, so I used the last bit of our half & half and 2% milk. Forgot about the nutmeg & bay leaves too. Like I said, the recipe was a general jumping off point in this experiment. 

Luckily it worked out! It smelled amazing, which is precisely why the after picture above is missing a corner. I had to stop dinner with a "Wait, I need a picture!". Did I mention how grateful I am to have a patient hubby?

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