Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup is one of my favorite comfort foods. Lucky for me its very easy to make and has room for personalization! I followed the instructions on the bag of dried split peas, well pretty closely anyways. Next time around I will add less water/milk because this is the sort of soup that I prefer to be thick and hearty. 

When it came to herbs and spices the bag said season to taste. So naturally that means garlic and I added thyme as well. Instead of straining the soup, I blended everything up together (once softened) to keep it a thick soup and to hang onto every centimeter of fiber from the added vegetables. 

I made grilled cheese to go with it in order to convince Cody to try the soup. The jury's still out for him on this one, so I have several servings frozen for my lunches instead! Maybe next time I will work some ham flavor or pieces into it to win him over. It certainly seems that this is a hate or love it soup, which team are you on?

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