Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Fall-tastic Dutch Apple Pie

Over the course of several baby naps I managed to make apple pie last week. Apples, especially green apples, are one of my favorite foods. I eat one nearly everyday (and often with a schmear of peanut butter!). A friend gave us a huge bag of apples from her tree, more than an apple lover like myself could eat. So in honor of fall & memories of the apple tree at my parents house, an apple pie was in order!

My parents apple tree is on its way out..its over 20 years old and its just not producing like it used to. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the various tree forts we built in it? 

I will definitely use this recipe again, I baked two at once and each cooked fully through in the mentioned fifty minute baking time. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I also used dark  brown sugar. I feel like it has more flavor in addition to just being sugary sweet. I definitely missed using the apple core-peeler though! I will have to borrow my mom's next time I decide to make apple pie.

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