Monday, December 9, 2013

Hash and a Fried Egg

Whoops! Where did November go?! Time is flying right now, our little guy is already just over two months old and between umpteen diaper changes and feedings a day my head is spinning! He's gotten into the cooing, squealing and smiley stage leaving Cody & I in heaven. It's hard to be grumpy on lack of sleep when he's all smiles at 4 AM! Now more than ever, quick and healthy meals are so important! Last week I resorted to breakfast for dinner and with a quick raiding of our fridge I ended up pretty impressed with myself.

Saute potatoes and whatever other vegetables you have on hand. Extra points if that includes bacon! I used kale, onion, bell pepper & mushrooms. Next time I am going to add sliced chicken sausage to the mix.

Fry up an egg or two at the very end for a protein topping and voila! Enjoy a quick comforting meal! I do have to confess that the eggs went to Cody's plate and the kale all to mine. I'm still on the fence over enjoying eggs and Cody's still adjusting to leafy greens :) We'll get there...

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