Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chalk Paint

As in chalk for writing on the chalkboard, not paint to make a chalkboard. A friend pinned this link and it was just perfect timing for me! My lettering skills are not up to Pinterest par, so I my excitement was halted in using our new chalkboard, but this method made it all so do-able! 

Three steps: crush a stick of chalk, add water, brush on! Add enough water so it will easily brush on, but not so much that it becomes runny! One piece of chalk goes a long way.

Does it get any easier?! It dries much darker than when first brushed, so let it do its thing before applying a second coat. The finer you crush the chalk the better too. Cody, after his infamous eyebrow raise when I explain my latest idea, really enjoyed crushing chalk with one of his dumbbells. He thankfully did so in the garage on a cookie sheet, because chalk dust everywhere would have been a hard one for me to overcome. He knows me so well! We also found this concoction works just as well for finger painting on the chalkboard. 
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

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