Thursday, April 17, 2014

Making a Quilt (Part 2)

Nearly two months since I started, but my quilt is finally complete! Originally I thought I purchased way to much fabric for the border and backing, but I actually needed almost double that! That's part of the game when I insist on largely just 'winging it' though. I fortunately found a black fitted sheet at the thrift shop for $3.25 and broke that down to make up the difference for the backing of the quilt. I usually overlook the fitted sheets as fabric sources, but it was pretty simple to break it down. Just cut along the corner seams and then snip off the flaps. 

I decided hand tying would be my method for this quilt, partially because I like the look of it and also because it made me less anxious! With a yarn needle and fine black yarn, I made knots starting with the center of each gingham square on the front. From there I just tried to create symmetrical knots all over the quilt so there is no gap greater than twelve inches between knots. Every tutorial I read emphasized basting spray, but I handled this just fine without it. I taped the backing to the floor and just pinned the whole thing like crazy. You'll notice I didn't bother trimming the edge of the fabric because I wanted to give myself lots of extra seam allowance. 

The finished size of the quilt is 92" by 67" and I used a full size, pre-cut batting roll (had to trim down the width). Referencing this tutorial, I used the backing to also create the binding. I thought sewing the binding was going to be more tricky since there's much less room for error. But it went really quickly and smoothly! Plus I had Luke partially cheering me on, its a tough competition between me and the ceiling fan for his attention. 

After removing all 40,000 pins and safety pins, we finally get to enjoy it! Super warm too, I might add, I bought the thickest batting available. Thank you ten times over for all your 'likes' and text message high fives while I figured this thing out! I've been wanting to sew a quilt for ages and your support and encouragement throughout was a major player in this project! 

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