Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hippie Flag Quilt

Recently, I completed my largest quilt to date, 84" x 96" (ahem, 7' x 8')!! Although I don't plan to make something quite so huge again, it was a fun one to complete. I had to move my entire dining set to the other side of the room to layer, bind and tie! Not only was it the largest but also challenging because the pattern mixing was a little crazy. Fun, but crazy. Since I was making it for a very creative friend herself, I had the chance to really push and stretch myself in fabric choice. Fabrics were a mix of thrifted sheets, pillow cases and off the rack yardage. For the backing I used a navy king sized flat sheet. Trim work was done using remnants of the black fitted sheet I broke down for my first quilt. The feedback I've received is pretty overwhelming! I didn't expect so many to genuinely love it. I mean friends have offered to PAY ME for one. Definitely not ready for that, its so much more fun and relaxing to create for gifts than money! Maybe in like ten years when my seams are straighter we can maybe possibly talk about it... But thank you, thank you for your confidence in my creations!!

I told you it was crazy! Coming from the somebody who has an OCD-like habit of matching her socks and underwear to the rest of the days clothes--this was a little out of the comfort zone! My modern day hippie girl loved the quilt beyond my expectations which is the ultimate compliment. This flag concept is one I will certainly do again, its a great one to personalize. 

I started cutting a stack of hexagons from some of the leftover fabrics and playing around with layout. But I actually really need to get cracking on a quilt for Baby #2. Thank goodness thats bound to be a smaller project too. I'd really like to do some machine quilting vs hand tying so a baby quilt is a much more manageable size for that!

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