Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shared Nursery Plans

In case you haven't heard, our second little lovebug is a BOY! I'm going to be seriously out-manned here at home, but I am very excited to train up two loving momma's boys! Haha! My aunt was so sweet to quickly tell me I have retained my status as Queen of the House. Love that thought! Cody is of course elated (although he was softening to the idea of having a daugher!) and he is especially looking forward to more football, dirtbikes, and just plain dirt.

We are planning to remodel our bedroom (add insulation, replace window, revamp closet organization, new ceiling fan, etc.) and give it to the boys. Its about two feet wider and with cribs, toys, and everything else these little bodies require it will help tremendously!! Luke's room now is all re-done, so we'll end up with a remodeled room ourselves! Woo hoo! Now that I am 24 weeks, the anxiousness is setting in to start demo and get going in there. We all still love the colors and furniture in Luke's current room, so I'll just be adding to it for the boys room, or as I am calling it The Jr. Man Cave! 

Things that are catching my eye...

Baby Boy Blanket Nursery Decor Photography Prop by theredpistachio
                  (Found here)Take a look at this Black & White 'Boy Cave' Plaque by Collins on #zulily today!

Dirt Bike Pillow  Applique Accent Cushion  Dirt by kmariemarsh 

I also have a few things I never got to for Luke's room that I want to make sure to do this time around. Primarily, framing Cody's All-Star football jersey and doing some large prints of Cody and both Grandpa's on dirtbike adventures. And with that I'll end with "Braaaaaap" ;)

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