Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dessert Centerpiece

Had a great DIY day with my soon-to-be-married friend! Our plan is to use dessert as centerpieces for her wedding reception, but how to display? We decided to use a plate stand and then we got started shopping. Lots of cute ready-mades out there, but wow those prices add up quick! Luckily, I saved all the glass taper holders from my wedding (2/$1 at The Dollar Store!!!!) so we got some clear glass plates (also $1 @ The Dollar Store!) and started glueing! One little problem---Krazy glue does NOT dry clear...It turned the plates frosty. So we moved onto Plan B and took an emergency run to another one of my favorite stores, Michaels! We bought paper and various stamps and got right back on track. We did have some trouble finding a large initial stamp, so instead we used a wooden decoration as a makeshift stamp. Check out our creation!!!

Frosted glue on our otherwise pretty dessert stand :( Maybe you could paint the glass with the glue for an all-over frosted effect? Something to experiment with...

So our wooden "G" didn't stamp quite perfectly, but again its one of those happy failures!

I just love how these turned out! And what a fun wedding day keepsake for the bride & groom! And for just around $25 we made 7 dessert stands. Be sure to look for $1 deals at Michaels, Target and anywhere else you may be!

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