Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous for $5!

As a self-proclaimed clearance guru, it's about time I share some of my found treasure! This time they're all from Target and cost $5 each! Not much to explain here--just take the time to dig through that clearance rack and you will be seriously rewarded! Always, Always, ALWAYS search clearance first! Work yourself into a routine to shop in advance for seasons & events and you will (almost) never need to look beyond the clearance rack. It only takes a couple weeks for the 'new' items to be marked down--and honestly that's not too long to wait when the savings is that huge!  I feel cheated when I break down, buy a full price item only to see it 50% or 75% off two weeks later! Ugh!

Lesson learned: for $25 I picked up wedge sandals, a not-so-basic LBD, pair of grey skinny jeans, bootcut dark wash jeans & a sparkly tank!

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