Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you, thank you very much....!

It's essential to have a stash of "Thank You" cards. A written acknowledgement for anothers gift or kind act is an absolute must in this hustle & bustle world. But....5 cards for $8 or more? Not my type. Instead head out to your local crafts store (Michaels for me!) and purchase bulk package of 25 or 50 blank cards! These will cost you $5-$10---or less if you brought your weekly 40% coupon! Then proceed to the ever-exciting dollar bins, grab one of their many Thank You themed stamps and ink pad. Now get to work! In 10 minutes you can stamp away and have a great stash of thoughtfully made cards to show your gratitude. It's ALMOST as good as freshly baked chocolate chip Thank You cookies :)  Check out my quickie creation below:

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