Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cupcake CRAZY!

Recently my friends and I were inspired to get a handle on cupcake decorating. The smaller surface (compared to a cake) makes them so much more approachable and experiment friendly! Quick tip: bake the cupcakes for 15 minutes per batch--this will keep them moist! Here are some  of our cupcake trials...

             Tried to create white chocolate piping details here, experiment with thickness so that your designs hold up when you transfer them to the cupcakes! Also, this was a whole bottle of red dye in one can of frosting to get this shade of pink! Certainly enough to stain your teeth, probobly not what you want to do to your guests!

Round Two: Keep the icing simple! Here I used a 1" punch and a stamp to create this alternative way to bring color to the cupcake.  And you gotta love sugar pearl sprinkles!

I found it's much easier to frost with a bag vs the cookie press tool. It helps keep my frosting in a fluid, solid, consistent line.  For the day of the shower (our deadline for perfecting our frosting skills) we used the bag and just cut a hole in the corner of the bag instead of using a frosting tip.

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