Saturday, April 23, 2011

Style Quiz!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE THINGS! I usually get quite a variety of labels which leaves me confused. But I always take the next one I come across thinking "this is it!" My one foundation is that I never, ever, ever get MODERN. Well at least that's taken care of. This quizzy breaks it down by percentage, which is perfect for an indecisive individual like myself! Check it out at!!

 I got 38% Nantucket Style (AKA Beach style)

38% Rustic Revival (can't hide the country side of me!)
Rustic Revival

And 24% Southwestern--this was a fun little surprise! But it does tie in nicely with Rustic Revival, think iron, leather, riding horses...yep I'll take it!

Now I just need to tie it all in together for a Nantucket/Rustic/Southwestern home...

I am noticing a few similarities, neutral bases/couches/walls (although I have always envisioned owning a denim couch someday, I will figure out a way to work that in somehow) with splashes of easy-on-the-eyes colors in pillows, rugs & accessories. Natural light, some symmetry, mirrors, fireplaces, a genuine 'lived in' look. And lots and lots of wood furniture, architectural details & craftsmanship throughout. This will justify my obsession with flea markets and vintage shops! Just gotta come up with a cool name for it! American Eclectic? That'll do for now :)

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