Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a scarf! It's a purse!

I'm sure my purse weighs at least 10 pounds. Not so bad considering everything I have in there! But when you literally carry it EVERYWHERE it gets to be a bit cumbersome. I have a habit--as I'm sure many of us do--of buying cute little purses for use on evenings out when I don't need my "emergency kit". The problem is I don't think about using them until I've already left the house. I have found a solution! Grab a scarf and two bangles--or pick 'em up next time you go to the flea market. Lay out your scarf, fold 'hot-dog style' and knot 2 corners on each bangle.  Grab a few of your favorite things out of your every-day-purse and get on with your fun day! I originally found this idea on (called Knotty and Nice Bags). You could also keep a scarf and two bangles in your every-day-purse and you'll always be ready to lighten your load. Plus, it's easy to change out scarves for a new look anytime you feel the need. Not to mention scarves are a great punch of pattern and color to kick your fashion up at least 3 notches. They're also much more affordable than buying a bunch of individual purses and easier to store, which means they will be easily accessable when it's time to change it up. 

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