Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Neighborly Affair

Well, we just can never let the dust settle at our house. Cody and our neighbor rebuilt the fence which divides our yards over the weekend. We are in love with the new fence. Nothing like fresh redwood to warm up a yard. And getting to know your neighbors a little better helps too! And while a 80+ foot long fence is not exactly a thrifty project, doing all the work yourselves sure makes BIG difference! And rent an auger. Worth every penny of the $50 day rental to not have to dig all of those post holes! 

Meanwhile, Brandi is slowly learning to sleep on her own bed (the dark brown one) instead of Tanner's. 

And Tanner is flirting with picking lemons off the low branches of our tree. I've watched him a few times from the back windows of the house, but he always just freezes when I try to catch him on camera.

And I wine toured while Cody cheered the Niners onto a blowout win. So much fun in one weekend!


  1. Having more privacy with that fence is awesome too!! Our landlord had ours rebuilt on one side like that right after we moved in, best thing ever. Your new puppy is so cute! Makes Tanner look crazy huge. :)

  2. Yes, the privacy is great! Our barky neighbor dog has calmed down since she can't see us anymore too :) And Tanner is HUGE next to her!