Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Persimmons are Coming!

I think we're getting close to persimmon time! Originally I thought we had Fuyu persimmons, which stay pumpkin shaped and hard. But now they are starting to stretch and look more like Tabers. Which means they will need to be super soft before they're ready to eat. As well as turn more orange. But some of them are halfway orange! Counts for something, right? 

We had one fall off the tree last week that was really, really soft. And at the time I was still convinced we had Fuyu's, so I though this was a defective one, especially since it wasn't entirely orange. So I let the dogs have it, looking back I should have tried this one myself. But they were just so interested in it. They're cute faces won and they LOVED that persimmon. Usually Tanner will just kick around and hold fallen fruit (avocados) in his mouth, this he actually devoured. The best part is watching Brandi dive in, Tanner completely gives up. Gentle Giant vs Little Squirt. 

Yes, I realize the dogs have worked their way into like every post lately. What can I say? They are kind of my life right now. And Cody too, of course. Brandi slept through the night last night and made it to the backyard for her morning bladder emptying! Woohoo!!

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  1. Well, they are just so cute! It's fun that you have two now so they can play. :)