Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Clearance Couture & Family Heirlooms

This sweater dress was one of those I grabbed last minute--off the go-backs rack at the thrift store. Sometimes that is the best rack to look through, the sifting for good stuff was done already for you! It just didn't quite make the cut for whoever held it last. Honestly, I didn't even try this one on. It looked cozy and had a great shape to it, so I just snatched it!

Sweater dress: thrifted//Belt: My grandmothers//Jewelry: Lia Sophia//Boots: Donald Pliner

This belt is one I used to play dress up with at my grandmothers house. She had a drawer in the guest bedroom of snazzy belts, and I took every oppurtunity to steal away and try them on. It is all the more special now as she lays in a nursing home suffering from alzheimers disease. While her own memories are fading, my memory of her lives on through this belt (& her fabulous recipes!). Hoping that this will somehow, someway allow some of her character to rub off on me. Through her home-daycare and large family, she had many children and was a servant to the neighborhood. In my memory, she was always sure to have a full cookie jar, and at least one cheesecake in the freezer. Dessert was a required fourth meal in her home. "It will help you sleep", as she scooped an extra spoonful of ice-cream into your root beer float. Quite a lot of sentimental weight to this belt, but I can use a good strong reminder of how to love now & then.

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