Monday, January 14, 2013

Ins & Outs

I've got backyard plans on the brain big time right now. I think its these freezing temperatures lately, I'm dying for summer. And yes, it actually has gotten to below freezing at night here so I can actually say Califonria is having a cold weather spell. One thing this wet winter has convinced me of: a low-maintenance backyard. We have quite a bit of plain old dirt in the back. And cleaning eight dog feet each day is one chore I would welcome getting rid of. Since our yard is big, we are toying with the idea of a smaller area designated for grass and expanding the patio/hard surface area. Where is Jamie Durie's 'Outdoor Room' at a time like this??

Hooked on this thought for around the avocado tree.

Pinned Image

On the other hand, our lemons are just about ripe. I picked the rest of the persimmons and will need to make more bread. I have my grandmother's persimmon cookie recipe that I'm thinking I should also give a try. And those avocados are being stubborn. I am aching for them to be ripe. But at least the persimmons will keep me busy for another week or so.

Another thing keeping me busy is knitting! I found my yarn stash. Last week it was a scarf a day! A bit much, I know. Currently, I am experimenting with an infinity neck scarf. Cody thinks its all very strange, but he at least appreciates seeing me actually use up some of the things I've hoarded! I also painted the workbench he made for me 'Lemon Souffle'. And we've marked where the ideal outlet and light sources will be in my chic shop. Coming along!!!!

And I have a new favorite pinterest board. Dreamland, I tell you. Check it out here.

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