Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Christmas Ornament DIY

I posted this on Facebook a couple weeks ago, but in case you missed it here it is again! We originally wanted to get a hand print of Luke's for his first Christmas ornament, but the little guy likes his fists. So we went with the foot instead. I picked up this plastic squashed circle sort of shape of an ornament at Michael's for $1.49 and all-purpose craft paint by Martha Stewart in gold shimmer. It took a handful of practice foot stamping and we settled on this one! 

Once it dried I slipped in our hospital bracelets and shook it all around til they fell in a pretty tangle. Debating adding a little something else to it, I feel like it needs a monogram. But I pretty much think everything needs a monogram so I'm going to sit on that thought and see before I go crazy adding "L" to everything in sight!

Glass ornaments are prettier by far but I had mommy nightmares over future three year old Luke running around the house with his ornament and crashing and cracking his precious footprint ornament. And injuring himself too. But how devastating to potentially lose that footprint! I am prepared for Luke to have lots of boo-boos. I mean he's a boy for one, and he comes from a long line of bruisers on both sides. I am the only one out of my husband & brothers who hasn't had the pleasure of an ambulance ride. It's just in the genes. I'm surrounded by adrenaline junkies!

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