Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chili Verde

Snatched this recipe from Ashley when we stayed at her home in Arizona a few years back. Its crazy to me to refer to our road trip as happening a few years ago! This is a really great recipe for Chili Verde though, and its a little piece of Ashley for me to have in my kitchen!

4 lbs lean pork roast, cubed
1 8oz can green chilis
2-3 diced & seeded jalapenos 
1 large white onion, diced
1 8oz can diced tomatoes
2 lbs tomatillos 
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp cumin
4 cloves of garlic

How To:
Boil tomatillos until softened and puree with jalapenos and garlic. Reserve two cups of the water. While the tomatillos are boiling, flour and brown cubed pork roast. Add tomatillo puree and pork to tomatillo water. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and simmer for at least thirty minutes.

Feel free to vary the spices--we add more garlic (of course!). This time around I used shredded chicken instead of pork, and it was just as fabulous! This recipe freezes really well too. I usually serve it over rice and topped with sour cream.

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