Monday, January 13, 2014

Maternity Style: Dressing the Bump

I completely fell off the wagon on documenting outfits during my pregnancy. Such a missed opportunity, I know! I was pretty tired throughout my pregnancy so its just the way it goes. I've sorted through photos though and came out with some examples on how I kept my wardrobe affordable with an ever changing and growing tummy. I wore a lot of maxi dresses and sandals, so if I am ever pregnant again through the winter this list will change quite a bit!


Just to clear the air, I gained nearly double the recommended 25 pounds during my pregnancy. I tell you this because I think a lot of us are/were in that boat (way more than the doctor will admit to!) and I was still able to wear many of my pre-pregnancy clothes. A few things to keep in mind...

-DO NOT pay attention to size labels! During my eighth month of pregnancy I wore two dresses, both non-maternity, one was a size small the other a size 14. Go figure. Don't worry about what the tag says, just wear what fits!! 

-Empire waist is king (--or should I say Queen?)

-Hand-me-downs are a huge resource, I purchased several pairs of gently used work slacks on Ebay.

-Leggings are crucial, a few of my shorter summer dresses became cute tops with the bump.

-Other than jeans, work slacks, and a couple of t-shirts nearly all of my clothing during pregnancy was not maternity wear.

-I gave up trying to keep up with my bra size, your rib cage changes shape too so I used low-key (read low spandex content!) sports bras. Nordstrom Rack has a great selection in every color!

-A statement necklace/jewelry is key. Throw some bling on top of that plain stretchy t-shirt and you'll feel like a million bucks! You don't even have to be pregnant to benefit from this one either :)

And now that I'm a momma, my wardrobe decisions are based on whats easiest to wash spit-up off of. More on that some other time!

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