Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Crib Mobile

I think this should wrap up all the details on Luke's room! I picked up these mushroom ornaments from Target during their after-Christmas clearance blowout last year. Well, two years ago now (2011)! I knew we would be trying for kiddos soon and I thought they might come in handy! At the time I was totally obsessed with the woodland themed nursery style, and the colors were perfect for a boy or girl. Fast forward nine months and I didn't go with the woodland theme but the colors still fit into Luke's room. 

5+ cutesy things to hang
Embroidery hoop
Fishing line
Hot glue gun

Not a super scientific list, but I had stashed a few odds & ends that I thought might be useful for this project. First I wrapped the embroidery hoop with ribbon (the hemp ribbon was actually the tie that kept the area rug in Luke's room rolled up!) and secured the ends with hot glue. Next I used the white and red string (which was from the packaging of Luke's baby quilt!) to make a grid shape inside the hoop for hanging the mushroom ornaments. And finally, I cut several lengths of fishing line and played around with the arrangement til I found one I liked best! To attach the fishing line to the ornaments, I fed it through a needle and stitched right through the top of the stuffed mushroom cap.

I also used fishing line to hang the mobile from the ceiling. Cody screwed an eye hook into the sheetrock for the line to hang off of. The trickiest part was getting the hoop to hang evenly, we wrapped four strings of fishing line at 'four corners' of the circle (yes I know circles don't have corners!) and tied a knot further up towards the ceiling. I think it may be a tad low, so we will make some adjustments when Luke gets strong enough to stand up. Which, scarily, seems like its not so far off!

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