Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making a Quilt (Part 1)

I've finally taken the plunge and started my first quilt! I've been a long time collector/hoarder of fabrics. Most of my stash is cloth napkins and sheets from thrift shops. I knew one day I would get a sewing machine and make good use of them! My parents surprised me with one for Christmas, so no more excuses now!! For this quilt I started off with a set of 12 gingham napkins. I wanted a simple design (aka big, straight lines) and to keep the whole project black and white. So far, I've made my rows (following a loose square in a square design) and attached them to each other. I only get around to working on it about once a week so its a slow process of learning as I go! 

I think its turning out to be too long for a twin size, but not wide enough for full size either. I'll be figuring that out as I decide the size of the border. Instead of coming up with a set plan with measurements, I've just been holding fabric out 'to there' and deciding on the size as I go along! I'm a 'look at the picture, figure it out' type so if you're looking for a tutorial, head to Pinterest. Next up, is the border, backing & quilt sandwiching/binding. I thought I would feel less nervous as I went along, but now that I'm trying to make it look like a somewhat legit finished product I am totally nail biting!

Update: Quilt is complete! Read Part 2 here!

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