Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Jack is a Happy Place

Just had a wonderful long weekend camping in Happy Jack with my Arizonian cousin and her family. They suggested an area called Jones Crossing which is an old free-range cattle ranch, still occasionaly used. Check out the TREES! Oh, how we loved the shade!
We took a day trip to Tonto State Park which is the home of the largest natural bridge. We hiked down and explored the tunnel and pools of water within. It was amazing & totally not what you picture when you think of Arizona! It's a MUST-DO if you're ever here!

On the way back to camp we stopped in the cutest town ever (I know, you've never head me say that before...): Strawberry, Az! Here's an example of the cuteness--the permanent honey & fruit stand.
We got homemade ice cream in this cute little shop which doubled as an antique store! Yeah. amazing. Talk about a perfect combo! It was Coca-cola'd out, so that just really put it over the edge! :) And I was pleasently surprised when I ordered my PB & Chocoalte Swirled scoop "for here" and received it in a vintage glass with a real spoon!

We arrived back at camp barely beating another rain storm (this monsoon season is really something!), so we scrambled to put up the tarp again and spent the majority of the evening huddled underneath eating & playing rummy.
 Rounded off the weekend with a trip back to Strawberry in the morning for a fabulous breakfast and a tour of Kyle & Ashley's super cute home (psst--my love for old things, goodwill & flea market finds  and every kind of olive is genetic for sure)....And we still haven't left their house...two days later because um well...our truck engine kinda died. Well technically it wasn't dead yet, but let's just say we would be playing a dangerous game to keep truckin along through the desert. In the hour or so it took to drive down the mountain to their home there was this clunking/rattling/awful sounding noises coming from the engine that just grew and GREW and GREW.  So the husbands teamed up and got to excavating, found the problemo and ordered a new engine.

 And now we wait...

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