Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homeward Bound

Got the truck running smooth again!! We decided to begin heading home, truck repairs took a good portion of our gas money...hopefully we can do a northern states trip another time. It's a bit disappointing, but we still had an adventure! Not exactly the kind of adventure we planned on, but it was still a break from real life (sort of...)!! I kind of think it was all part of the Master Plan for me to reconnect with my cousin Ashley. We had such an amazing time and Cody and I couldn't have asked for a better place to have a motor blow out.

On Friday we said goodbye (again, but this time with no tears) for now and Cody and I made the trek back to Cali. We're going to take a week or so to head up "The PCH" as it's called down here in So-Cal.  But first we had to stop in Long Beach for another over due visit with the Rutters. It's been a full weekendof hiking & good eats!
The guys crammed into the back of the car for a quick & yummy bite at a little seafood restaurant.
MALIBUUUUU! Ahh so nice to see the beach again!
Hiked up to Escondido waterfalls in Malibu--I think? Could have been Santa Monica...I don't know, we drove around a lot.
So that's that! We should be home fairly soon!!!

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