Monday, July 18, 2011

Some things are just (not) meant to be...

Well, things haven't changed all that much since our last  update. We spent a week with Kyle & Ashley celebrating 3 birthdays (Kyle, Kyle's mom & myself!), cooking & swapping recipes and getting all caught up with eachother (its been 10 years since we've visited!!). The new engine arrived Friday afternoon and Cody & Kyle spent all day Saturday (and almost all night too) putting in the new engine. Sunday they refilled all the necessary fluids (oil and junk) got our things loaded and started on our way to Alburqueque and find that something was very wrong.
Luckily (??) we had just barely reached the edge of town (how quickly it turns to desert A.K.A.  middle-of-no where.  So Kyle and the little princess came to the rescue and we got the truck towed back to the house. So now its all about trouble-shooting with the technician at the auto shop and getting good use out of the warranty that came with the engine. Wish us luck!

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